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Restaurant point of sale system, the best solution for your food service business.

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Casio QT-5000

Efficient, Sophisticated and Easy to Use!

The Casio QT5000 is a ROM-based touch screen terminal that provides comprehensive hospitality features at an affordable price. The small footprint saves valuable counter space, and the aesthetic design make the QT5000 a stylish state of the art terminal. The Casio QT5000 touchscreen offers a broad base of solutions directly targeting Quick Service, Table Service, Cafeteria, and Fast Casual environments. 
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Whether it is Quick Service, Table Service, Concession of Cafeteria the QT-5000 fits all.

Combining Stability, State of the Art with Cost
Casio’s QT5000 combines PC technology with cash register stability and cost.
The QT5000’s state of the art stylish, small foot print design accents the 10.4” flat panel SVGA TFT color LCD operator display. A fast CPU combined with a 100 base-T network makes communication quick.
The flash ROM technology provides stability eliminating the need for a hard drive, Windows operating system and a PC, that translates into instant access to data stored in RAM.
The Casio Solution for the easy restaurant management.

Managing Your Time Better
The QT-5000's management finger tip control provide managers the security in knowing there will be less time spent on concerns with the POS and more on the overall business. The QT-5000 will automate your daily menu and price changes, provide security access to sensitive areas, key operation, and control operator access through the use of secret number input, magnetic stripe cards or Dallas keys, extensive time & attendance, managing time worked and pay by employees. Item sales tracking by operator provides snap shots of operator activity plus the extensive reporting guarantees management efforts are focused on areas where they need to be –
Your Business.

• Terminal redundancy in guest check/table tracking ensures customer information will not be lost.

• Splitting/adding of checks guarantees customer requests are handled easily.

• Auto check number assignment lightens the thought process so more time is focused on the customer.

• Re-direction of orders to remote printers and backup printer routines provides the security in knowing orders will get to the proper destinations.

• Auto price shifting allow managers to concentrate on other things at hand.

• PLU stock to control your on hand inventory, drive thru functionality to handle the busy meal times, customer charge file to better service your frequent customers.

• Electronic journal to provide an audit trail in times of question plus many more features.

• POS with Expandability
As your business expands, so will the QT-5000 through the standard 4 serial ports offering connections to:
*Remote printers
*Scale | Scanner
*Coin dispenser
*Credit card terminal



Proudly Members of the RSPA The casio restaurant point of sale system solution. The sharp restaurant point of sale system solution. maitre's software for the restaurant point of sale system.

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