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Restaurant point of sale system, the best solution for your food service business.

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Casio TE8500 Cash Register

The Casio TE8500 cash register combine  a 5.7-inch wide color LCD with a powerful engine to achieve high-performance responses to all kinds of business needs.

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Large Multi-Line Color LCD screen with contrast control  knob.
14-line, 40-character display.
Customizable LCD screen permitting color coordination with your
interior decor.
Three standard LCD screen color patterns provided. The large, clear multi-line color LCD provides at-a-glance readability and simple, accurate register operation.

Casio te8500 cash register color options display.

Graphics allow you to make your receipts more attractive including receipt graphic logos, commercial messages for placement just below the logo, watermark graphic logos and bottom messages.

Casio te8500 cash register display.

Operator display with tilt mechanism.
Operator display unit can be adjusted to fit your best readable angle.


A fast, silent printer which uses a 58mm thermal receipt and journal printer with fast printing lines. Includes a auto cutter for receipt printer, drop-in paper loading mechanism for easy handling of paper roll.
The shared remote printer function makes it possible to print registered items on a remote printer, programmed independently for each terminal.
A convenient grouping print format can be used to sort items into one or up to 99 pre-programmed categories, such as Starters, Main Dishes and Desserts. Kitchen orders are then printed with the category names to enable the kitchen staff to identify items at a glance or in order of importance.

Table Control in the Restaurant
The shared check tracking function employs master/back-up master configurations for efficient restaurant table control.
An open check report shows the current balance of each check along with the check status.
Receipts can be printed with the internal receipt printer or a shared remote printer, depending on the selected programming.
Available functions include split check, add check, check transfer and clerk transfer.

Casio te8500 cash register: The multipurpose keyboard permits free function.
Multipurpose key

Multipurpose keys are located on the keyboard with pre-assigned functions as shown. These keys are possible to customize of its functionality as well as slide-in template to identify each functions.

Mix & Match/Intelligent Coupon
Defining in the file the individual items in the combination, or the sub-department they are linked to and the quantity required will alert the machine of the item combination. Once the machine detects a defined item combination it will either automatically, or at the end of the transaction when the coupon number is entered, apply the pre-programmed discount. It assures the proper items are discounted and the proper discount is being applied. The Mix&Match sales report provide the detail of discounts and coupons applied during the day.

Key Functions
Suspend and resume.
Stock control.
Time and attendance for employee control.
Scan price encoded bar codes.
Mix and match discounting.
8 price levels.
Bottle links.
Accurate item voiding.
High-speed inline with Arcnet.
CF card for program data saving.
Automatic broadcasting for data and restoration synchronization on multiple terminals.

Peripheral Connectivity
The Casio  TE8500s flexibility of peripheral connections provide the ability to expand upon your business operations.
Peripheral connections include:
PC/modem Credit/debit/gift card Scale Pre-paid card Slip printer Scanner External dot matrix Remote display Video surveillance /thermal printers Coin dispenser
Liquor dispenser.


Proudly Members of the RSPA The casio restaurant point of sale system solution. The sharp restaurant point of sale system solution. maitre's software for the restaurant point of sale system.

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