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Restaurant point of sale system, the best solution for your food service business.

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Maitre'd Back-Office Software

maitre'd pos software solutions.

All Maitre’D Software solutions are seamlessly integrated, so the flow of data between the POS and the Back-Office is consistent and provides optimization of information analysis. Integration is a key benefit for all of our customers, as it assures the accuracy of information and allows for real-time analysis that affects your bottom line.

Customized to your needs

Enough of the “one-size fits all” applications! The Maitre’D Back-Office Suite can be specifically tailored to answer to your individual business needs, resulting in more efficient daily operations. Regardless of company size, special configurable
functions can be used to update all POS screens automatically while keeping tighter control over your business:

Unlimited reports on sales, labor and inventory.
Employee classification.
Several levels of security.
Customize POS functionalities and screen appearance.
Manage menu changes & regulate promotions.

Maitre'D screen  are rich in features and user-friendly.
Maitre’d Back-Office is rich in features and easy to learn with the help of colorful, descriptive icons.

Real-time Inventory Control

Fully integrated with the POS units, the Back-Office software is immediately up-to-date with inventory levels as they change and affect your bottom-line. You can also automatically set recipe quantities as they appear on POS terminals throughout the restaurant or hotel to minimize waste, increase quality control and verify for variances. This powerful module can simulate a pricing structure based on your food costs, helping you assure a certain level of profitability.
Moreover, it is even possible to take inventory count with wireless devices, either by scanning bar codes or by simply selecting a product and entering quantities.


Better cost control.
Detailed menu costing functions
will help you keep tight control over
your food costs.

Cooking Schedule Projection Tool
The cooking schedule projection tool will help you manage menu items that require more time to prepare, to help you better serve your customers.
This planning tool updates in real-time according to your sales and refers to last week’s sales for total quantities sold. There is no limit to the number of items that can be managed by this function

Never run out!
With this innovative tool, you can efficiently manage menu items that require longer preparation.

Purchase Order Management

Add or modify a purchase order and receive merchandise in a few simple steps thanks to our PO Expert. The PO Expert will suggest an order based on sales data from the past 8 weeks or based on a number of clients served or anticipated.
As this module is seamlessly integrated with our inventory module, you will surely benefit from increased efficiency. Maitre’D Software is also e-commerce ready, therefore orders can be sent automatically to your suppliers by email or fax if you wish.
When new orders are created, information can be sent automatically to your accounts payable application providing more efficiency.


Time and Attendance
Do away with punch cards and time sheets! The functionality of the Back-Office application provides individual employee files that accurately log details for time and attendance calculation, labor scheduling and even tip declaration. Information gathered from POS terminals reporting all employee activity allows users to benefit from tighter control over their employee management and reduce labor cost.
Maitre’D software can also interface with other labor management software applications.


Scheduling made easy This feature provides a graphical view of your employee schedule, making it easier to manage than standard timetables.

Accounts Receivable

Maitre’D has accounts receivable functions that will allow users to create and manage house accounts easily and without third party intervention. Use Accounts Receivable to:
Manage customer files;
Print out customer statements;
Create personalized credit cards; and,
Issue pre-paid meal cards for university students or for employee cafeterias.

Accounting and Payroll Interfaces

This practical application offers special interfaces to General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Time-keeping and Payroll that allow you to save a considerable amount of time while eliminating human error, as you will no longer have to re-enter data into your accounting application. Maitre’D can transfer data automatically to accounting software, such as ACCPac, Microsoft Great Plains or QuickBooks.
Creates balanced accounting transactions from Maitre’D POS and
Back-Office to accounting systems.

Provides auditable accounting entries.

Report Center

Featuring a flexible Report Center that creates hundreds of precise reports in one of three languages, Maitre’D Back-Office chronicles sales, inventory, labor and electronic funds transfer in real-time. You can now have a more relevant picture of your daily operations, and customize these reports to manage your restaurant more efficiently and to lower inventory and labor costs. Moreover, benefit from the following features:
Automatic End-of-Day reports feature: Maitre’D can process and print any number of reports at the end of the day automatically.
Export reports to a 3rd party application automatically at the end of the day.
Custom report lists can be set up to help you easily access the reports you need periodically.

No headaches

Create report lists for key persons
in the organization, enabling
end-of-day reports to execute

Accessible at all times

Managers can spend more time on the floor with Auxiliary Back-Office access, providing them with the information and functions they need while they are in the Front of the House. You can also use the Maitre’D application as an alternative desktop. By doing so, you can restrict web surfing, save your employees from searching for information, and save on training costs while rendering any
application accessible through a link, be it a website or an Intranet site.


Frequent Diner

The Frequent Diner module will allow you to offer loyalty program cards and reward points to your customers, while increasing your sales and customer satisfaction. The Back-Office customer database allows for unlimited customer tracking. With the touch of a button, managers can access any customer’s order history, including personal profile, items ordered, dates, and dollars spent to date. This flexible application will allow you to be as creative as you wish in order to exceed your customers’ expectations. For instance, you are looking to tailor a promotion to clients who like to drink wine? You can print out customer activity reports to produce the exact data required for targeted marketing.

Fast Access Keys

Back-Office functions are readily accessible with the fast access keys. Simply assign a configured code to certain functions, and later, when the code is entered, the Back-Office system will take the user straight to the application, with no navigation required! These shortcut keys can provide quick and easy entry to everyday activities, including end-of-day, credit card batch closings, reports and back-up procedures, all while maintaining secure user restriction measures.


With debit/credit card IP processing, you can improve customer satisfaction by speeding up transaction processing time. Also, Maitre’D Software gives you the opportunity to choose the processor you wish to use thanks to our generic EFT interface, which supports a wide variety of processors.
• Reports help find fraudulent and erroneous transactions;
Several configurable options are available, such as: print customer name and custom message on credit card receipt, hide credit card numbers on customer’s copy, merchant’s copy or both.

Full Documentation and Context Sensitive Help

As Posera believes in continuously providing customers with after-sale support that will allow them to reap the greatest benefits from our innovative software, full documentation on Maitre’D has been integrated into the software. Also, context sensitive help will give you a quick response to your questions without having to research information in reference manuals.

Proudly Members of the RSPA The casio restaurant point of sale system solution. The sharp restaurant point of sale system solution. maitre's software for the restaurant point of sale system.

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