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Restaurant point of sale system, the best solution for your food service business.

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Maitre'd DataBoard Suite

maitre'd pos software solutions.

The DataBoard is a web-based business monitoring tool that allows restaurateurs to access crucial information on their sales and/or costs at any instance via the Internet. It also provides an alert function that sends customizable alerts in real time.

Customizable Alerts in real time

The DataBoard is a web-based business monitoring tool that allows restaurateurs to access crucial information on their sales and/or costs at any instance via the internet.

Make timely decisions before it’s too late with the help of real time alerts.
The Alert function allows you to receive important messages on your business
instantaneously via a cellular phone, email or a pager. Alerts can also be customized. That is to say, users can define which alerts they want to receive and set the threshold for each one.

Receive alerts in real-time.

Monitor voids, discounts, sales and costs.

Select which locations should be monitored for each alert.

Increased control
Track any information you wish in real-time.
Know what's going on in your restaurant in real-time even when you cannot be there.
Access the DataBoard
 from a web enabled
phone, allowing you to view reports and receive alerts



Have more control over costs and profits, as the Maitre'D DataBoard provides comparison reports, sales reports and cost reports. Also, reports can be configured so that the user can monitor any specific data. For example, it is even possible to keep track of sales figures for a new item or track senior citizen discounts.

Mobile reports are available! Users can receive reports on their cellular phone or PDA.

Reports can be sent in real-time or at the end of the day, and they are accessible from any web browser at any time.

The DataBoard’s unique Graphic Generator (DGG) will display a visual image of your information on your web browser in a secure way based on selected criteria. Historic data, sales, costs and comparisons are available in the graphics section. Several filters exist to help the user customize which data the graph should represent.

Get a graphical view of any information you would like in real-time.

Simplifies the analysis of any one element as the graphic function allows the user to compare current data to historical data for any period of time.

Make better decisions
Graphics will give you a better understanding of your

The Big Picture
The DataBoard can send information on costs and sales for any number of locations.

Multi-Unit Organizations
Because your business keeps growing, the DataBoard is scalable in order to efficiently manage multiple locations. In other words, it allows the administrator to group restaurants in any desired way. The grouping function makes it easy to ensure security by associating a group with the appropriate users. All types of reports and graphics can be created using data from any single restaurant or from a group of restaurants. The user can choose which restaurants should be included in the report.

Reports can show detailed information for any location, or even consolidated information for all locations, if the users settings allows to them view data from all locations.

The alert function can also monitor operations in several locations or all locations.

Administrator Functions
The administrator can define each user’s access to the information provided by the DataBoard. User profiles can be created to provide different access to the application’s features. For example, a manager may want to give a user access to the alerts function without giving access to the settings screen. In the case where there are several locations, the user profile will also determine restaurant access.

Benefit from increased security by creating several levels of passwords.

Unlimited number of users keeps all key staff and executives informed of daily operations in real-time.

The DataBoard was developed with XML and Microsoft.NET Technologies, which help optimize the communication of data, since the size of the files are highly condensed.
Web Services are used to transfer data from the restaurants’ Back-Offices to the web server. Web services use SOAP protocol to communicate over HTTP. The only requirement is an Internet connection. High speed or even dial-up will work very well.



Proudly Members of the RSPA The casio restaurant point of sale system solution. The sharp restaurant point of sale system solution. maitre's software for the restaurant point of sale system.

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