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Restaurant point of sale system, the best solution for your food service business.

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Maitre'd Point of Sale Software

maitre'd pos software solutions.

Our Maitre’D Point of Sale software is fully integrated with the Back-Office application. The POS Suite provides each terminal with multiple functionalities to help you streamline your operations, whether you are operating a bar, a dining room, a take-out counter, or all of the above!
The Maitre’D POS software takes you to a new level of reliability and expertise with its open architecture and its state-of-the-art technologies to meet your emerging needs and surpass your expectations.

Screen Customization

The POS Suite includes multiple graphical interfaces that give you the possibility to personalize terminal screens per employee, per operation or even per level of management. Each employee logon screen can be customized with a different message, as well as preferred colors, fonts, icons and language.

Maitre’D allows you to configure screens per employee or operation, including colors, menus and language.


>Table Service
Maitre’D Table Service Software features aim to help you provide remarkable customer service, generating more business for you in return. A multitude of configurable features are available to better meet each one of your customer’s needs while improving your guests’ dining experience.

Floor Management
Additional efficiency will be ensured by the software’s ability to:

Manage the waiting list and distribute customers equally among staff and tables;

For ease-of-use, Maitre’D will show employees their sections only;

The “Status Indicator” indicates whether each table was serviced in time according to preset variables for each stage of service;

The floor plan can be displayed at each terminal as a screen saver.

Drag, drop, & stretch functions allow you to easily create your floor plan.


For increased security, built-in redundancy features will help assure that your operations keep running smoothly even if the system server goes down, so you will never lose any data nor experience any down-time.

Management Functions

Managers can execute most day-to-day operations from any POS terminal including voids, price changes, screen set-up, employee administration, clock adjustments and gift certificate management. Even daily specials can be programmed from the POS.
These functions allow managers to spend more time in the Front of the House, where they are most needed. Additionally, many management reports and individual server reports can be generated from any terminal for easy access.


No worries
Automatic combo detection is a feature among many that will help your staff assure customer satisfaction.

>Quick Service/Drive-Thru

Designed for quick, but effective operation, the fast food functions include ‘Break-In’ keys for multiple customer service and automatic combo discount detection.
Speed of service reports will help make your business more efficient and profitable.
Drive-thru functions support multiple drive-thru windows, with interfaces for both a full-color order confirmation board, as well as a kitchen monitor for order efficiency.
Several peripheral interfaces were developed to provide more speed and control to our quick service clients, including a camera interface for increased security.



The user-friendly delivery screen accommodates multiple tasks, including phone orders, running totals, multiple guest checks, and order modification on open deliveries. Accommodating employees with fast entry for new customers and caller ID function, this software also maintains a complete customer database.
Additionally, with the dispatch function, users can manage delivery times and distribute deliveries evenly with speed and accuracy. This feature will even let you set norms for delivery times in order to assure that standards and quality service are met.


Handheld/Wireless Applications

The Maitre’D POS software is compatible with any standard handheld or wireless device that uses Microsoft operating systems. All devices offer complete POS functionality in real-time with mix and match capabilities that permit you to use both traditional POS units and handhelds on the same network, resulting in quicker turn-around times for increased profitability. Moreover, maximize the equipment by using them to count inventory via manual entry or via bar code scanning.

Increase efficiency
Maitre’D offers order-taking at table side, manager functions and inventory functions to improve your operations.

Handheld increase efficiency.

Peripheral Interfaces

Offering a variety of additional interfaces, Maitre’D POS is adaptable to an extensive range of add-on tools, such as:
Scanners for bar code accuracy.

Scales for weighted items.

Coin dispensers and multiple cash drawers.

Electronic bar control systems.

Biometric devices (finger print).


Proudly Members of the RSPA The casio restaurant point of sale system solution. The sharp restaurant point of sale system solution. maitre's software for the restaurant point of sale system.

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