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Restaurant point of sale system, the best solution for your food service business.

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Benefits of Restaurant Surveillance Systems

Security is an issue that plagues all restaurant businesses at some point or another. The concerns which govern the ability of a restaurant to provide the right amount of security have been alleviated through new innovations in video surveillance technology. Whether your restaurant is installing a visible surveillance system on it’s exterior or implementing a hidden a cash register monitor, video surveillance is gaining popularity because of the use of IP technology.

The great thing about using some of the cutting rate IP technology available on the market is it allows for greater flexibility with your companies surveillance. Restaurants are a perfect industry for video surveillance because they are susceptible to risks. With the food industry we often see high rates of theft because the employees are coming and going so often. Installing surveillance systems into your restaurants current security system can help deter theft and/or burglary. The great thing about the cameras on the system is the fact that they will be able to produce high quality images which can use progressive scanning techniques to record the events which take place when no one is looking.


•Check footage anytime: A restaurant DVR surveillance system can broadcast footage over the internet, allowing you to check up on your restaurant or bar at anytime. This is perfect if you need chain restaurant surveillance – you can check up on multiple locations without having to be in multiple places at once.

•Superimpose transaction data on the recording image.

•Record both live video and Cash Register/POS transaction data.

•Provide evidence for fraud or unintended operational error by recorded video and transaction log.

•Comparing transaction data to video for identifying fraud or unintended operations.

The next level of surveillance for your business is here and the faster you get it installed, the faster your restaurant will be monitoring its employees and strangers. There are very little downsides to installing a security system for your restaurant; and everything from food preparation to cash register exchanges will be able to be monitored and referred to in case of an instance.
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