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Sharp UP700 Cash Register

Designed especially for today’s highly competitive hospitality market, the Sharp UP700  cash register offers the powerful software and hardware features that restaurant owners look for when choosing the perfect POS solution.

Sharp Up700 Cash Register.

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The Sharp UP700 cash register lets you customize the arrangement of the keys any way you like to accommodate your specific business and application requirements. If you are upgrading from an older machine, you can arrange the new keyboard to be consistent with the old one, reducing both training time and errors. You can also switch between up to three PLU menus a convenient feature for restaurants that change their menus or prices depending on the time of day.

The UP-700’s built-in software enables “on-the-fly” easy price changes, tip with edit tip function, tray subtotal, waste function, multiple menu levels, multiple combo tables and multiple media menu keys, and even a standard credit card / debit card interface. How about a “Super-Size” key for upsize capability, along with eat in / take out, group discounts and the ability to send kitchen printer messages. This is truly an amazing system, all at a price point that makes it easy to afford and better yet, easier to grow with your business.

Sharp UP700 cash registers detail

Sharp UP700 cash register Features:
• Stylish Design.
• Large, Multi-line Display.
• Quick and Quiet Thermal Printing.
• Easy Barcode Scanning.
• In-line Communication.
• Customizable Flat Keyboard.
• Training Mode.
• Large LED Customer Display.
High Speed Industry Std Ethernet LAN Communications (TCP/IP).
• Super high-speed communications with the ability to connect up to 64 POS terminals in a network, including a PC.
• Multi-line, operator adjustable, back-lit LCD display.
• Extra large, easy to read display allows cashiers to closely monitor transactions while reducing errors.
• Software is built-in with Flash ROM technology.
• Superior reliability, reduced costs and dynamic feature sets are built right into the system.
• Integrated super fast receipt/journal thermal printer with graphic logo printing capabilities, standard, built-in thermal printer offers amazing speed, enabling quicker service, plus the ability to add a custom logo to the customers receipt.

Additional Features:
Compact cabinet design, Standard 7 bill/5 coin heavy duty cash drawer, full range of PLU/UPC/EAN codes, Price Inquiry for PLU, Group discounts, Tray subtotal, Multiple menu levels, Tip with edit tip function, Macro Function key, PLU menu keys, Standard credit/debit card interface.

Sharp UP700 cash register Specifications:

• CPU Flash ROM Enhanced Microprocessor.
• Communications Ethernet LAN with TCP/IP protocol, 2 port RS-232 serial std., up to 4 ports maximum.
• Operator Display Adjustable 320 x 240 full dot graphic backlit LCD with tilt mechanism, 20 digits per line.
• Customer Display LED pop-up, 1 line, 7 segments, 7 digit numeric Keyboard Flat micro-motion keyboard design with 144 key locations.
• Printer Thermal, 2 station receipt journal with receipt on/off function and graphic logo printing.
• Cash drawer Standard 7 bill and 5 coin compartments, standard.
• External Dimensions: 17.5”(w)x19.1”(d)x12.3”(h).

Proudly Members of the RSPA The casio restaurant point of sale system solution. The sharp restaurant point of sale system solution. maitre's software for the restaurant point of sale system.

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